Video Game Design and Video Game Development

From Northwest University

Create The Next Great Game and Career

Our Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Video Game Design or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Video Game Development cultivates creative minds in game design and development, blending fine arts, technology, storytelling, and game theory. Our BA students will develop a skillset that includes the ability to design compelling user interfaces, exciting gameplay, interactive entertainment, and immersive game worlds. Students opting for the BS degree will take additional coursework in programming that prepares them not only for game design, but game and software development. And it all takes place in an academic community where Jesus is still first.

Why Take Video Game Design/Development at Northwest University?

Build A Strong Foundation

Over four years, our program guides students through a carefully crafted learning path. Foundational courses like digital design, computer science, and narrative theory provide essential skills in developing interactive entertainment. As you progress, you'll delve into specialized subjects like 3D modeling, animation, interactive storytelling, game aesthetics, and level design. Our BS program adds to this several courses in programming that builds deeper technical expertise.

Grow in Skills and in Faith

At NU, you’ll find a university that isn’t just dedicated to helping you grow your gaming career. Here, you’ll find a Jesus-first community where your faith can flourish. It’s a unique combination of academic rigor and a Christ-centered approach to your education that is rare in today’s culture. As high-quality as our professors are and as close-knit as our student body may be—it is Jesus that makes all the difference to your university experience.

Explore Games as Art and Culture

Video Game Design goes beyond technical proficiency. We explore games as contemporary art and cultural phenomena that shape society. Through visual culture, psychology, and sociology courses, you'll deepen your understanding of games as vehicles for emotions, cultural commentary, and meaningful player experiences.

Bring Your Vision To Life

We embrace a project-based learning approach, empowering you to apply your skills in real-world scenarios. You'll build a substantial portfolio that showcases your technical abilities and creative vision. In your final year, the capstone project will challenge you to design and develop a complete video game from concept to completion, preparing you for success on day one of your new career.

Great Careers in the Game Industry and Beyond

Our multidimensional curriculum and hands-on approach equip you for various game industry careers. Graduates of the BA program can pursue roles as game designers, level designers, game artists, animators, and game testers. The program also prepares you for opportunities in animation, virtual reality, and interactive media. Graduates of our BS program will add to these game developer/programmer/producer, software developer, video producer, and more.

Our Faculty: Caring, Creative, Christ-Centered.

Experienced industry professionals and game scholars form our faculty, guiding you to develop technical prowess and critical thinking. More than just great instructors, these are great mentors who follow Jesus. They are committed to your success—not only as a student on a career path—but as a fellow believer on an eternal one.

Transformed By The Journey

Northwest University's Bachelor of Arts in Video Game Design is more than a degree—it's a transformative journey in a caring, Christian community. Join us as we unleash your creativity, ignite your passion for game design and development, and prepare you for an exciting future in the interactive entertainment industry. Together, let's shape the evolving field of video game design and beyond.

Jobs with BA In Video Game Design

  • Video Game Design
  • Video Game Producer
  • Video Game Programmer/Developer
  • Video Game Storyteller/Writer
  • Video Game Quality Assurance
  • Video Game Level Designer

Jobs with BS In Video Game Development

  • Video Game Design
  • Video Game Producer
  • Video Game Programmer/Software Developer
  • Video Game Storyteller/Writer
  • Video Game Cinematographer/Video Producer

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply the iterative approach of “design thinking” methods to the design of a novel video game.
  2. Define (BA) and conceptualize (BS) new 2D and 3D video game interfaces.
  3. Compose a compelling video game storyline.
  4. Construct accessible but challenging game mechanics.
  5. Complete one aspect of video game development: software, user interface, video or audio (BS).
  6. Apply concepts and methods learned in this major to designing solutions in the context of team-based projects.
  7. Articulate how your faith informs your work in the field of Video Game Design.

Design a Better World

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