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Computer Science: Your Path To Success

It will not be surprising to anyone that career opportunities for Computer Science graduates abound. In addition to professions in programming and engineering, this major is a “springboard” for many other career choices where the basic understanding of computers and technology act as an important starting point. In the list of “Best Jobs in America for 2023”, US News and World Report list Software Developer as number one, and fully 10% of the top 50 jobs could easily begin with a degree in Computer Science.

Five Concentrations to Choose From:

  • Computer Science - Business System
  • Computer Science - Data Analytics
  • Computer Science - Program/Project Management
  • Computer Science - Software Engineering
  • Computer Science - User Interface Programming

Opportunities in Computer Science

There are literally hundreds of titles that are related to Computer Science, but major categories include:

  • Software Engineers and Programmers – programmers and software engineers make up a large percentage of jobs for computer science graduates – and they can be further divided into engineering and business-related fields.
  • Program or Project Managers – In addition to programmers (who write the code), most software projects include Program and/or Project Managers, those individuals who are responsible for the functional design, project management, and overall project flow.
  • Web and Internet Developers – Web development may be considered a form of programming, but more accurately is a mix of user interface design, simple programming, and document management.
  • Information Technology – Most medium to large scale organizations employ an “Information Technology” (or IT) department. Although these employees are highly technical, they typically are not programmers, and focus more on hardware or software configuration and deployment.
  • Product Managers – In order to determine what projects should be pursued and further, the specific set of features and functions required to stay competitive, Product Managers do research and develop high-level project strategy.
  • Software Test Engineers – Every software application requires extensive testing before it is ready for deployment. Technology companies of almost any size employ engineers who specialize in locating and identifying problems. In fact, most software engineers work in conjunction with the test engineers from project inception to ensure that the application or service is testable, and expectations are well-defined.

We’re in Good Company

We are neighbors to some of the most successful companies of the 21stcentury, including Microsoft, Google, Boeing, and Amazon. These game-changing corporations are great places to intern or work once you graduate. It’s no wonder why our home, Kirkland, was voted by Money Magazine as the fifth best place to live in the U.S.

Looking to Transfer?

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You’ve spent time completing general education requirements, perhaps at several colleges. Now NU is ready to work with you to complete your degree. Computer Science major-specific classes begin this Fall and upper-division courses will roll out as appropriate based on enrollment, but your journey to NU isn’t delayed as you get started on your Christian Formation courses. NU also offers enriching minors to add value to your already valuable degree!

  • Business Administration
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Media Ministry

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