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A Degree for Your Point of View

It’s an interesting fact that almost every one of us can create compelling videos with the equipment that is in our pocket or purse—right now. And there are endless opportunities via social media to share our creations. But have you ever thought of taking those skills to the next level? Is it possible that this just might be your calling? If you are a creative individual looking for the skills necessary to create professional quality and visually compelling stories, animations, artistic expressions, or perhaps musical experiences, consider the Video Production program offered by the Creatio Center at Northwest University.

Why Video Production at Northwest University?

Our newest degree program will focus on all elements of digital video as well as audio production and recording technology—composition, editing, staging, live productions, and more. Right from the beginning, you’ll be using industry standard equipment and editing software in studios that have been designed by professionals. Students will choose from two separate concentrations: The “Live and Recorded Video Concentration” will focus on creation of live productions and video recording and editing. The “Animation and Motion Video Concentration” will focus on animations, frame-based videos, and video games.

We Focus On Your Career

Do you love creating video content? Do you spend your free time shooting and editing to get your creations just right before posting on Instagram or TikTok? Now imagine getting paid to do what you naturally love. In today’s content-hungry world, it’s possible. But only if you take your skills to a professional level. Our Video Production program will transform your passion into expertly trained, visually driven story-telling skills that will set you up for success in this highly competitive field.

A Message from a Creatio Partner

Those of us at Vossler Media Group are incredibly excited about the Video Production program at Northwest University. Over the last few years we have hired several graduates from their audio programs and have been very impressed at their ability to contribute at a high-level right from their first day on the job. Perhaps most impressive has been their familiarity with the professional tools and techniques that our own audio experts use on a regular basis. And now, with the introduction of this new Video Production program, we are looking forward to seeing the same level of excellence as we hire video producers, cinematographers, or film editors for our studio.

Michael Vossler

Michael Vossler

Founder, Vossler Media Group

When you graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Video Production, you will be able to:

  • Create new and innovative video productions using the iterative approach of “design thinking’ methods.
  • Demonstrate mastery of cinematography in the creation of a live or studio recording.
  • Master the conversion of raw film footage to final video production utilizing commercial video editing technology.
  • Produce live events for indoor and outdoor venues with professional quality sound, lighting and video recording (Live or Live Action Concentration)
  • Produce professional quality animated or live motion videos (Animation and Live Motion Concentration).
  • Articulate how their faith informs their work in the field of video production and digital filmmaking.

Looking to Transfer

Complete Your Degree at NU

You’ve spent time completing general education requirements, perhaps at several colleges. Now NU is ready to work with you to complete your degree. Audio Production major-specific classes begin this Fall and upper-division courses will roll out as appropriate based on enrollment, but your journey to NU isn’t delayed as you get started on your Christian Formation courses. NU also offers enriching minors to add value to your already valuable degree!

  • Business Administration
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Media Ministry

Check out the Transfer Guide to see how your previous courses will transfer and Request an Unofficial Review from your Admissions Counselor.

Common Career Paths

Video Production or Digital Film-making professionals are the experts in designing, recording, editing, staging and producing movies, musical recordings, live shows, or video games. Upon graduation from NU, you will have the practical knowledge and abilities necessary to excel in any of these situations. Specific employment opportunities for graduates with a video production degree include:

  • Video Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Director of Photography
  • Video Editor
  • Animator
  • Game Designer

We’re in Good Company

We are neighbors to some of the most successful companies of the 21stcentury, including Microsoft, Google, Boeing, and Amazon. These game-changing corporations are great places to intern or work once you graduate. It’s no wonder why our home, Kirkland, was voted by Money Magazine as the fifth best place to live in the U.S.

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