Adjunct Instructor

Tyler works full time here at NU in the Marketing department as a videographer. He will be teaching video production and engineering courses, and, based on his experience as a videographer, Tyler will help complete the final details for NU’s Video Production program.  

Tyler is teaching:

  • Digital Video Production I
  • Survey of Video Technology

Tyler Milligan has been creating videos since he was in the 5th grade. Telling stories through photo/video has been a passion of his for just about as long. Tyler attended NU from 2015-2019 as a communication major and spent nearly that whole time as a student worker in the Marketing department. After graduation, Tyler became NU's photographer and videographer for the Marketing department. During his senior year at NU, he was a TA for a communication course where due to health issues with the professor, Tyler taught the class solo for the first portion of the semester. That experience introduce him to teaching. Tyler is looking forward to seeing NU’s programs grow and he’s excited to train up the next generation of storytellers in the NU community.

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