Assistant Professor

Faculty Lead, User Experience Design

Jenni focuses on teaching UX Design courses (in addition to teaching online courses for NU’s Communications department).

Jenni is teaching:

  • Discovering User Requirements for UX Design
  • UX Research Methods

Jenni French Cyrek likes to describe herself as a “professional daydreamer,” with a passion for envisioning and imagining what could be. Jenni’s day job is as a Product Manager at Microsoft, where she’s currently working on the next generation of innovation in Microsoft’s online consumer services. Her workdays are filled with exciting team projects surrounding user research studies, market analysis, envisioning exercises, value proposition creation, and narrative craftwork. Outside of her day job, Jenni enjoys hiking, reading, writing, Bible study, traveling & travel planning, visits with family, long walks with her husband and dog, and teaching Introduction to Communication in the Northwest University CAPS program. And, of course, daydreaming.

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