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Looking for a career in entertainment, tech, or design? Creatio offers hands-on learning using the latest gear and technology. Here, you’ll learn in a Jesus-first community amidst some of the best technology brands on the planet.

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A Word From the Dean

“One of the most important things we can do as a university is to educate the next generation of men and women who will be the designers and builders of the games, software, and entertainment media that will shape culture. At Creatio, we are training the content creators of tomorrow in a state-of-the-art, Jesus-first environment who will graduate to influence culture in a way that glorifies God.”

—Craig Chapman
Dean/Director of Creatio

Craig Chapman
Creatio Center for Technology, Media, and Design

Turn Your Creativity Into A Career

Our programs are designed to equip you for success. You’ll learn on the same gear and tech that’s used in the real world today. You’ll be mentored by instructors who are leaders in their field. And you’ll do it all in a supportive environment where you’ll build your career and grow your faith.

Cross Discipline

Classes are structured to offer cross disciplinary exposure so students gain skills from more programs than just the major they select.


We focus on what matters most to those who hire: excellence. Our hands-on approach prepares you for career readiness on day one.


Entertainment, tech, and design need followers of Christ who excel. Here, you’ll find a Jesus-First community where your skills and faith will grow.

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Mentorship  Internship  Career

“The faculty played a pivotal role in my journey at Northwest. Their constant support and mentorship led me to a remarkable internship at a software company which ultimately paved the way for numerous opportunities as a UX designer. Thanks to the caring mentorship I received at NU, I am now well prepared to make my mark in this growing field.”

—Michelle Beckley
User Experience Design | Class of 2023

Michelle Beckley

Practical Real-world Experience

Silicon Forest

Kirkland and Bellevue have become the home of companies that have changed the world over and over again: Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and more.


With the skills you will gain through our programs you will have your pick of incredible internships and careers once you graduate.

Industry Connections

Creatio Center programs and expert faculty are perfectly tailored to the industries that surround the Northwest University campus.

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Meet Jenni French Cyrek

Assistant Professor of User Experience Design

Gear Gallery: We Use What The Pros Use

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Spirit-Empowered Perspective

  • Committed Christian Faculty
  • Faith and Technology core curriculum
  • Christ-first community dedicated to spiritual growth
  • Opportunities for leadership and service

Each program in the Creatio Center for Technology, Media, and Design stems from design and creativity. As a Christian institution, this is especially exciting, because we get to draw direction and inspiration from the ultimate creator: God. As you hone your skills and define your path, you’ll simultaneously grow spiritually in a community that puts Christ above everything else. With professors that genuinely care for you and opportunities to encourage and be encouraged by your peers, these programs are truly unique. When you graduate, we don’t want you to only be more skilled; we want you to know Jesus more.

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Design a Better World

If you want to work in tech, or a creative field—Northwest University's Creatio Center has a set of undergraduate degree programs focusing on the “digital revolution”.

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